Writer supports Jane Marshall for commissioner

To Whom It May Concern:

“Be independent” – Jane Marshall’s slogan when she ran for Preble County Commissioner previously. It is a slogan that is on a pen I use often. This phrase says much about Jane, for whom I have the utmost respect.

Jane is unafraid to put people first, particularly the people of Preble County. Jane’s sharp, common-sense mind will enable to her to make sound financial decisions, while considering the well-being of Preble County’s citizenry. Jane’s engineering degree from The Ohio State University enables her to envision a structure of the county that will be to everyone’s benefit. Jane is a strong, fiscal conservative who will ensure every penny of the county’s coffers will not be wasted, but will be put to its best use for the betterment of the county’s people.

When I got my “be independent” pen, Jane was someone I knew about, but did not really know. I knew she had been a part of the Preble County Commission previously and vocally opposed a landfill years ago, but I respected her for the in-roads she made in the county. Her prior experience will prove invaluable given the election of a brand-new commission, especially with the recent retirement of the Commission Clerk.

In the past few years, I have gotten to know Jane well through her volunteer work as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). As a CASA, Jane volunteers her time to advocate for the county’s children who have been abused or neglected by the very people who are supposed to protect them and whom they trust. Jane’s tireless advocacy for the most vulnerable of the county will translate well to her time as Preble County Commissioner, advocating for the betterment of all of its citizens.

I could not think of a better person to be appointed by the Republican Central Committee to the vacant seat on the Preble County Commission than Jane Marshall.


Mary Warrick

West Alexandria, Ohio