Cox: We serve Representative Creech, his vote says so

What better way to truly experience a testimony than from the home of the people who wish to tell their story or offer their perspective. That’s what the Ohio House of Representatives voted on last week when they voted on House Rules. If you don’t follow state politics beyond casting your ballot, you’re in luck because I happen to do just that on occasion.

In the Feb. 3 article titled “Ohio House opts not to allow the public to testify remotely on bills,” Andrew J. Tobias with lays out what went down. I was speechless after reading the excuses offered up by house leadership when asked why Zoom testimony would not be allowed. Feel free to read it for yourself.

Mr. Creech ran his campaign on just a few words and his favorite was “service”, but does he really want to serve his constituents? And if so, what’s he serving? Beer, chips and salsa? This vote went along party lines so we know how Rep. Creech voted.

Creech voted for you to do the following if you feel you have important testimony for your legislators: Take the day off work, it’s an all day affair; gas up, it’s 90 miles one way; pack your lunch or bring money; don’t forget money for parking; and if you’re not vaccinated, too bad because masks are also not required of anyone…but they are encouraged…?

The constituents of the 43rd would like an explanation on this vote.

Actions determine the value of words.

Amy Cox