Noxious weed control: watch out for weeds

By BJ Price - For Preble SWCD

EATON — Noxious weeds are such a problem in Ohio that several laws are on the books regarding their control. Landowners, railroads, highway departments, and units of government all have responsibilities spelled out in the Ohio Revised Code. Here in Preble County, where the vast majority of the land is under private ownership, it would seem appropriate to appeal to you, the private citizens of our county, to do your part to eradicate the noxious weeds in our area.

As we have been working around the county, the staff at Preble SWCD has seen an absolute abundance of poison hemlock in road ditches, fencerows, and other out-of the-way places. Canada thistle is making a real showing, as well. Now is a good time of year to get these and other noxious weeds under control before they spread further.

With the privilege of owning property comes the responsibility to control noxious weeds. We encourage all property owners and land users to be on the watch for these weeds, as well as other problem plants, as you are out and about this spring. Weeds can be controlled by either mowing and/or spraying, depending on the species and the surrounding vegetation. Proper timing can be critical for successful weed control. For more information on weed identification and control, don’t hesitate to call the Preble Soil and Water Conservation District at 937-456-5159.

(Information courtesy of: University of Missouri, Ohio State University, and Purdue University)

By BJ Price

For Preble SWCD