Writer wants ‘quiet hometown feeling’ back


As a citizen in the City of Eaton I felt compelled to share my story. I have lived in this quiet city for the last 20 years and have felt very safe until recently. I have noticed when leaving for work at three in the morning things are not as safe as they used to be.

I live on a quiet street and I have noticed people out. In a recent week I noticed at my house, doors to our garage and playhouse are open when I come home from work. When leaving in the morning I recently felt like someone is out there watching.

My suspicions came true on Saturday, March 4, as I awoke in horror to find my vehicle was missing. Someone had taken it. The police department was contacted right away. In the evening we found out that it was found in a drug-infested part of Dayton, burnt to the frame. Police said it was probably involved in a criminal activity. We believe they had to come into our home to get the keys. My son heard something and felt like he was being watched, though he was too afraid to turn around and look.

My family is feeling violated, hurt, scared, mad and in disbelief. How could this kind of criminal be here in the City of Eaton and around my family? It’s sad that my boys’ hometown does not feel safe for them to live in. We chose Eaton because of the way it made us feel, but I just don’t know anymore. We work hard for the things we have and it infuriates me that someone can just take it away like that, like it’s theirs.

Everyone out there please make sure all your doors and windows are locked. We really need to get a hold on these problems in the City of Eaton or it will turn into a crime-ridden city. I want that quiet hometown feeling again… Don’t you?

Brandy Woxman