The opportunity for PS is now


The upcoming Issue 2 for Preble Shawnee local Schools is one of the most important issues they will ever have in this district. The opportunity to get a large portion of our tax dollars back from the State of Ohio in building assistance money is now. This issue will cost the taxpayers no more than we were paying in 2015.

The buildings in this district are in serious need of costly repairs and upgrades. Repairs and upgrades the taxpayers will have to make if we don’t take the opportunity and vote yes on Issue 2.

The focus has been primarily on the impact to West Elkton. I grew up in West Elkton, ran a business there for many years and consider it my hometown. I went to West Elkton Elementary and walked those halls many years. I devoted many years to the betterment of West Elkton so trust me when I say that I don’t like the thoughts of there not being a school in West Elkton. But the truth is, this district can not support three buildings. West Elkton does not meet the requirements to build on or even to improve the current facility. The improvements we made several years ago was a band aid the public at the time would support. Our student enrollment is down. Fact is, when potential buyers look for property in our district they look at the schools. Our buildings are a reflection on how we in this district value public education. Our current buildings do not meet state standards. The two new buildings would meet or exceed the state standards. This attracts new taxpayers and great educators, which equals higher property values.

Don’t believe the naysayers who say we can fix the current buildings. There is not enough money in the budget to do all the things necessary and they still would not meet state standards.

West Elkton is going to shut down in the future no matter what from what I am told. Then who pays to tear it down or do we leave it to create a fire and liability hazard and major eyesore in the community?

Don’t believe the naysayers who say this will cause West Elkton to fold up and be absorbed into the township. They have had that discussion long before this Issue 2 came up. They do not spend within their own budget. Their lack of fiscal responsibility should not be placing our students and the future of Preble Shawnee hostage.

Get the facts and vote what is best for all of Preble Shawnee. Vote “yes.”

Salli Corrington