Resident questions Commissioner Robertson’s actions


On a recent trip to Eaton, I passed the landfill and saw the new $1 million-plus maintenance building, offices, etc. that the commissioners approved to provide modern state of the art facilities for those that work there.

What I don’t understand is how Commissioner Denise Robertson could vote to approve this while actively campaigning against and contributing to the anti-school tax and bond issue group for Preble Shawnee.

Don’t our children, in our school district that she lives in, deserve the same consideration that you gave to the landfill employees?

I agree that everyone has a right to vote the way they want, but it is hard to understand how a person elected commissioner, that earns over $50,000 per year in salary and benefits, would openly oppose an issue such as this. As commissioner do you not represent all in Preble County and promote growth within our county?

The recent results from the issue was split nearly 50/50. The 50 percent of electors who voted for the school levy need to remember this when your turn comes up for re-election.

Richard and Dolly Bair