Letter regarding PS levy was ‘uninformed’


I found the letter to the editor written by Richard and Dolly Bair about the landfill building to be uninformed and a rather lame attack on Commissioner Robertson.

First of all, long before Robertson was commissioner, the landfill footprint was changed (a complicated expensive procedure) to accommodate more trash. Well, the footprint was changed, the old building and scales had to go, a new driveway, utilities etc… all had to move. Commissioner Robertson inherited the problem and was the voice of reason during the project. Yes, at first there were people who suggested a community center in the building. Robertson had suggested a trailer and a pole barn.

With that being said, I also opposed the PS School levy for a district where the Bairs’ daughter is a principal. I toured the buildings, studied the declining enrollment and the CAUV tax rate and thought it was too much.

I was also disappointed in the school board and their campaign. The board spent nearly $3,000 of taxpayer money on a mailer asking for a yes vote: “We are simply asking voters to vote back in the 2.5 mill property tax that rolled off last year and the .75 percent income tax that ended on Dec. 31.” Asking for the yes vote with public funds is a violation of ORC 3315.07 (c) (1). I hope the State Auditor agrees and a finding is made to return the taxpayers’ money.

Eric White