Robertson responds to recent letter


I welcome any and all questions regarding the decisions I make on behalf of the county. I welcome the chance to explain the logic and reasoning that goes into every vote I cast. We are a representative Republic and part of that process is that the people who are represented have the right to question any decisions made on their behalf.

Since I have been in office, my focus has been to try to protect the taxpayers from unnecessary tax increases and wasteful spending with the taxes we do collect. I am proud of my record of voting to protect the hard-earned money of the people of this county. Since there was a question concerning the new building at the landfill, I thought I would explain how decisions were made so that everyone who reads the paper can understand the issue.

The current building, which is over 50 years old, is in the actual footprint of the landfill. Basically, it is taking up valuable air space that can be used for trash to extend the life of the landfill. The building was in the way of the next phase of landfill construction. The scale was at the end of its useful life, and not long enough to accept semi trucks hauling trash in. Along with these facts, there was essentially no space for employees to make essential repairs to equipment owned by the county. I fought to keep the project cost for the landfill maintenance and admin building, as well as utilities, scales, and the driveway below the million dollar threshold.

It surpassed that target slightly because of a couple of small change orders and the state law that requires government entities to pay prevailing wage on any project over $250,000. If the current landfill admin building had only been 34 years old and tearing it down to build the new building had required raising assessments and fees at the landfill for the next 37 years, I would have adamantly resisted the proposal.

Since we live in a representative republic, I find it within my rights to support and speak out against any proposal presented to me by the people elected to represent me. Being commissioner of the county does not mean I lose my rights to voice my opinion when I think an unacceptable plan is being forced onto the taxpayers of the school district. I am proud that I was able to present the other side of the issue, so people could make an informed decision and not just react to the one-sided information that the school board and administration was presenting.

As for whom you support when I am up for re-election, that I will leave up to you, the voters. I don’t let the prospect of an upcoming election steer my decision making. I make my decisions to protect the taxpayers. If that means I am not re-elected, then that is the will of the people. It is important to the citizens of Preble County that those involved in any election issue, gracefully accept the results and move forward.

Denise Robertson

Preble County Commissioner