TV Picnic a success thanks to community


The Twin Valley Community Picnic was again a very special event.

For the 24th year in a row, the Twin Valley Community Picnic was a huge success. On Aug. 13, the Activities Center at Twin Valley South Schools was a-buzz with lots of folks visiting, eating, and generally having a good time. Over 1000 meals were served. (The meals included a sandwich, a bag of chips, and a drink.) Many people of the Twin Valley Community worked together to create the traditional community gathering that kicks off the new school year.

Our thanks go out to all of you who helped and donated. The ARA Food Service Folks, TVS staff, and many volunteers prepared the food and graciously served the meals. Community non-profit groups had displays. New school personnel were introduced and class lists were posted for the upcoming school year. Hundreds of door prizes were awarded – thanks to the generosity of the Twin Valley community businesses and organizations. Each meal ticket purchased made the buyer eligible for door prizes which were awarded constantly throughout the evening. The support shown through donations was remarkable. Many folks went home with one or more prizes. For fear of omitting someone, the long list of donors will be omitted here, but thank you letters and receipts were mailed to all donors. Merchants and community groups outdid themselves. Such generosity in these tough financial times is greatly appreciated by all and truly amazing. Our marching band presented a great outdoor concert. Our team of cheerleaders was introduced and the new fall sports teams were announced. It was really exciting to see so many folks there and thrilling to see generations intermingling. What a great evening we all had. We all look forward to the picnic again next year. It certainly will be an event to look forward to our 25th year in a row! We have some special plans for this great event.

A special thanks to the Twin Valley Community Picnic Committee who so willingly contacted the businesses of our community. This group included John DeVilbiss, Ann Cooper, Nona Sue Williams, Connie Wells, Betty Beneke, Carolyn Studebaker, Mary Moore, Kent McIntire, Jo Lindloff, Lynn Voge, Carol Lunsford, Carolyn Ulrich, Amy Pemberton and many others. Thanks to Aaron Copper for announcing and a special thank you to John DeVilbiss for keeping us in order with his computer. Once again this was a wonderful team effort. The many folks who accepted responsibilities needed to make this event happen are deeply appreciated.

Once again I would like to compliment our school staff and officials who take such good care of our building. As the school year began, it was once again spotless and looking brand new after 19 years! We are so very proud of our facility and our district! Please be assured that Twin Valley needs your support and does a great job with our kids! We need to get behind our excellent staff and support them in any way we can. This does not just happen—-it takes much effort and planning by administrators and teachers. And, students need inspiration to achieve. They also need support from all of our citizens in the Twin Valley South district. We really do have something to celebrate with our students and staff!

Carolyn Ulrich

Community Picnic Chairman

Twin Valley Business/School/Community Partnership