‘Put America, Ohio, veterans, and citizens first’


I stated previously that one of America’s greatest problems is too many elected officials have become part of the deep state bureaucracy rather than doing what is right to protect America, veterans, and citizens.

If Ohio Attorney Generals Richard Cordray, and later Mike Dewine, had taken my effort seriously, could have prevented the loss of the young US Army Iraq War couple’s home. Or after discovery that fraud occurred during foreclosure and on the Ohio Court could have seen to it justice would be found. One has to ask why any Ohio Attorney General would ignore fraud occurring on veterans and the Ohio Court. It made no difference to Cordray or Dewine even though they made public statements that the kind of conduct these veterans incurred was fraud and a serious violation of the law.

I discovered that Ohio AG Cordray, even though he had received the evidence to cause him to take action, did nothing and made false statements about it to me. But he didn’t stop as AG in Ohio. Cordray was recently sanctioned by the U.S. House for his refusal to provide them records as Director of the CFPB. The CFPB failed to order firms, such as those involved in our case, to engage in mandatory arbitration to settle claims when Consumer Fraud complaints had been filed against them as we did with the CFPB. I have copies in my file.

Later Ohio AG Dewine sent me a letter stating that most of the network involved did not exist any longer and that was false. I replied with a list of the firms involved in our case still very active to prove it. It had no impact on Mike Dewine. I have copies in my file.

The State of Ohio shared in lawsuit settlement funds from the Feds from these outfits and rather than set up a fund for Ohio Citizens like our deserving veterans to file claims, Dewine went to Cleveland and spent millions of it on distressed property to curry favor with local officials.

Yet both these guys want to become Ohio’s next governor? I don’t know about you but Ohio and America need officials who will put America, Ohio, veterans, and citizens first, not themselves or their good ‘ole boy crony networks. Hopefully we won’t have to vote for either. Don’t believe the fluff coming out of their campaigns. Make sure you research both these candidates before you walk into the voting booth.

Gary Hiles