Help us honor Preble County’s best

When it comes to businesses large and small, Preble County is a shining star in Ohio — we have everything from world headquarters for corporations to “mom-and-pops” who strive each day to better themselves and their hometowns.

In a world where we hear so often of all the negative, it is time to share and recognize the good being done by our businesses and workforce here in Preble County. Your businesses have stepped up, and now the Preble County Chamber of Commerce is stepping up to honor even more local superstars.

We need your help!

On Wednesday, Dec. 6, the Preble County Chamber will host its 36th Annual Awards Dinner & Holiday Gala, and to make the event even bigger and better, we have made some changes and added to our award categories. During the gala, we’re not going to preach about the benefits of being a Chamber member — although there are many — because this evening will not be about us.

It’s about the businesses who make Preble County proud. It’s about you!

At this year’s gala, we will not only be recognizing our award winners, but also all our nominees. Award winners will be announced during the gala, to make for an evening of fun and surprise.

To do this successfully, and to honor all those we know deserve recognition — we need nominations from you, Preble County!

Awards to be given this year include: Outstanding Corporate Citizen of the Year, Outstanding Small Business Citizen of the Year, Citizen of the Year, Outstanding Agribusiness of the Year and Young Professional of the Year, as well as a Community Improvement Award, Distinguished Service Award, Business Innovation Award and Non-Profit Innovation Award.

Available on our website and at our office, are nomination forms for each of this year’s awards. Each form includes details regarding the criteria for selecting each award. Deadline for nominations is Wednesday, Nov. 15.

Forms can be downloaded at

Please take this time to help us recognize those businesses and individuals who make us proud to call Preble County home.

Leslie Collins

Executive Director

Preble County Chamber of Commerce