MVCTC issue: ‘Make do with what we have’


The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) is asking voters to approve a bond/levy initiative at the November General Election. Their promotional literature states that it will “improve safety, update facilities and infrastructure, and provide the education needed to overcome the skills gap in the Miami Valley.”

The cost to taxpayers? For the first 10 years it will be 1.43 mills or $4.17 per month for a home valued at $100,000, which translates to $50.04 per year. The next 20 years it will be 1.09 mills which equals $3.18 per month or $38.16 per year.

Total cost to each homeowner for 30 years? $1263.60 (Cost figures supplied by MVCTC)

As one of the original employees when the school opened in 1971, I remained there for 18 years until retirement. During that time I saw first hand the growth and success of its many students and I have remained a proponent of vocational education ever since. However, there are many retired, underemployed, disabled, and/or young couples just starting a family who can’t afford additional taxes.

The MVCTC has been very successful for the past 46 years on the revenue it receives from the 27-member school districts it serves in a five county area. By wisely using what it currently receives it can continue being successful in the future. Taxes and the cost of living are at an all time high; lets ‘bite the bullet’ and make do with what we have.

Dallas E. Montgomery