Student: ‘remember, this is our future’


Monday night, Oct. 2, was a horrific sight. First, when we got to the high school, the stands and grass were full of trash. My home schooled friend, my 5-year-old sister and I spent 30 minutes picking up trash. If we want people to vote yes for two new schools, then we have to take care of the one we have.

Another thing is, the water was left on from the Friday night football game. The elderly and everybody else were trying to jump or step over it without getting their shoes wet. If somebody fell, they might sue the school. I’m not saying that everybody would, but I know lots of people would.

Also, we need new picnic tables. All of the ones we have are rotting and crumbling. One of the seats for the picnic table was on top of the actual table and the nails were sticking up. Little kids wouldn’t know what it was and they could hurt themselves with the nails.

Another thing is, we need new bleachers. Kids shouldn’t be able to climb around under the bleachers. Some kid could be running around under there and run into a pole and get a concussion. Or somebody could drop something when they are sitting on the bleachers and dive for it. Then what? They fall.

The last issue I would like to state is about the women’s restroom door. Monday night my sister and I got stuck in there. We had to wait for women to come pull on the door from the outside. Whoever they were, thank you.

All that I am saying is, we need to be a cleaner society, and take care of what we do have. If we don’t, lots of people will have a good reason to vote no and we don’t want them to have a reason. We are the future. We need voters to step up. We need the schools to step up. Please remember, this is our future.

Gracie Leach