Corrington supporting PS school issue


Preble Shawnee is once again faced with a great opportunity to improve the quality of education facilities in our district with Issue 18. We have the opportunity to receive State Funding money to build two new buildings at a cost of no more than what we paid in tax money in 2015.

Yes, it is for a longer period of time but aren’t most things that provide so much worth the price? We will not just be investing in buildings but we will be investing in our students in this district. With districts around us competing for good teachers and great property owners we also need to compete for those same assets. With more of our tax dollars coming back to our district in state funding for these buildings we will be able to use the surplus funds we have to attract and keep those great teachers and provide more educational help and resources to our students.

This issue has been a passionate issue in our district with people on both sides making good arguments and points. The bottom line is we are at that cross roads to moving forward and giving our students every advantage the need to compete in today’s world — or we can stay behind and let the world move past all of us.

I want more for the students in our district than what I had. They deserve nothing less. Vote yes on Issue 18 and lets move to provide all of our district with the best that we can for their future.

Thanks for your support!

Salli Corrington