Writer questions cemetery upkeep


Mother’s Day weekend our children and grandchildren came home to Eaton. What a lovely weekend. Our granddaughter brought a friend (older teens) and we went to Mound Hill, east (W. Main) and west (Camden Rd.) sections to pay respects to deceased loved ones, and also Fort St. Clair to show our guest our wonderful park and share some of its history.

I was appalled and embarrassed at the appearance of all three of them! In the cemeteries we waded through weeds above our knees! Not just dandelions, but a whole variety of weeds!

The cemeteries had never been mowed this season! Fort St. Clair was in the same disrepair! How humiliating to show a guest how the city of Eaton has no respect for its parks and cemeteries. What has happened to any pride that the city once had? Are we paying the top brass (who don’t do the work) so well that we can not afford to hire employees to clean up our public places that have become eyesores? I was so sick of what I saw that I could not take pictures. Now I wish I had. Not only were they almost all weeds, but there are large areas of nothing but dirt, particularly in the east section of the cemetery on West Main. Each year the cemeteries fall further and further behind in upkeep. What a sad commentary for a city so rich in history.

Linda Coleman