‘To build or not to build?’ Writer says no


To build, or not to build – that is the question: whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to take the part of an ogre willing to encumber one’s posterity with colossal debts and to destroy that which is good, in order to achieve that which is new; or rather to be as the miser, cruel of face and heartless, who would condemn future generations to an environment unbefitting their education, until their school hath nary one stone remaining upon another.

I’m speaking (satirically, of course – I’m not calling anyone an ogre or miser) of the school tax issue again set before Preble Shawnee voters. Issue 18 would provide local funding for the building of two new school buildings, while demolishing at least two of our current three buildings.

While I realize there are problems with our facilities that need fixing, I am personally against the issue. Space is short, but some reasons are:

•Replacing a 35-year-old building with a 37-year bond means the new buildings will be older than the current high school before they are paid for (also, many voters will pay for this most of the rest of their lives.)

•The State’s offer of $29.2 million was only good for one year. Full or partial funding may still be available from the state, but it is not guaranteed.

•Another concern of mine is the environmental impact of dumping thousands of tons of building materials in the landfill.

I sincerely hope that regardless of what happens with this levy, we will put the politics of the last year behind us, and that, in spite of past disagreements, we can remain neighbors and friends with those around us.

Clement Metzger