PS student wants ‘every kid in my school to have the best learning environment’


As a student from Preble Shawnee I am aware that we have the opportunity of getting new schools. I know that there is much debate over how bad the schools really are and if we “really need new schools.” I understand that some people think it’s mostly air conditioning and heating that we are wanting for this new school and may think that is not a good enough reason to get new schools. Though it would be nice to get air and heat (it would definitely make it easier as a student to learn, and I’m sure as a teacher to teach) It most definitely is not just that.

Recently our school has flooded, again. Two of my classes had to completely move rooms (which we are still moved) because half of their ceiling was down and their rooms were horribly damaged. As well as many of the teachers personal items that were ruined and the school had to pay for. For a while one of my classes was in the library because the teacher needed a place to teach.

I have many goals and things that I want to achieve in my life, that I have had since I was very little. You could definitely say that I am a big dreamer. I want to achieve my goals and I know that I will, no matter what obstacles like this will come across. I will most likely be graduating the year/the year after it is built (crazy right? Time is flying by.) But I want to be able to go off to college and know that my sisters have a great learning environment and that one day they will be doing the same as me. As well as for my cousins, and other family members.

I want every kid in my school to have the best learning environment that my community will allow. I want to be able to come back to my town after college and be proud of how far we have came as a community to achieve all of this, and truly improve our hometown.

Caiden Duskey