‘Invest in our children’s future’


I’m voting yes for the school levy.

I’m voting yes because it is time for our community to come together and invest in our children’s future.

It isn’t just about getting new school buildings. It is about being proud of our school system and putting our best face forward. It is about having a place that is comfortable and safe to learn in. It is about not worrying whether or not it’s going to be an early dismissal, because it is too hot to learn. It is about making our community the best it can possibly be.

Our kids deserve to have access to state of the art facilities. Having new and improved facilities will also benefit everyone in the community. It’s better for property value and encourages community growth.

Don’t ignore the fact, that when other schools took advantage of this levy, it improved their placement on the ranking list for education in Ohio. It’s not coincidence that those communities are thriving after passing their levies.

Please, invest in our children’s future. When you do that, you invest in yourself.

Jada Cornett