Graduate encourages ‘yes’ on MVCTC tax issue


I attended what used to be known as the Montgomery County JVS. When I graduated in 1998, the name had been changed to the Miami Valley Career Technology Center. I studied computers at MVCTC and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology at Wright State University. I have since grown a successful technology company in the Dayton area. As I reflect back to my time at MVCTC, it provided my fellow students and me the perfect balance of preparing us for transitioning directly into the workforce or going on to college.

As you might imagine 50 years ago when the JVS started, computers were not even thought of as a career field let alone that we would be carrying one around in our pocket. As a result, the electrical and other infrastructure components at the JVS were not designed to support all of the computers that are needed for education today. The bond/levy issue will provide the updated facilities that are needed to provide our children with the opportunity to become trained in the careers of tomorrow.

Please join me on Nov. 7, in voting “yes” on Issue 39 to rebuild the old JVS into the career center of the future.


Andy Miller