‘This is now’ writer supporting PS levy


Preble Shawnee deserves the promise of a great future! One of the biggest issues we are to achieve this promise is the levy on Nov. 7. This levy will allow us to build new, safer buildings for our students. Until our students are no longer working in sweltering heat we are not giving them a fair chance at success.

The longer we take to debate whether or not new buildings are a necessity, the longer we hold back our students from achieving their full potential. Many Shawnee teachers with whom I’ve spoken often talk about students who complain of the heat in the summer and the coldness in the winter, creating an environment in which getting students to focus on education becomes an incredibly difficult task.

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to create new buildings with better and safer technology to help our schools succeed. I understand that there were budget issues and mismanagement in the past. This is not then — this is now. Now is the time that we move on and build a better future both with the buildings and a better curriculum that supports our students. This is why I am voting yes on issue 18 and sincerely hope you will as well.

Polly L. Heinkel