Anderson: Vote no on CTC levy


Levies — Once again, for the second time in a row, Montgomery County CTC is asking for more money.

In May this school and it’s board saw fit to spend over $166,000 of your hard earned tax dollars to put this issue on a special election ballot and were told no by the voters but it’s board and superintendent are spending more of your tax dollars you trusted them with to try and ram it down your throats again!

A school which started out in the early ‘70s with approximately 100 employees and around one million annual payroll has ballooned into a tax funded giant with approximately 400 employees and a annual payroll of almost $19 million!

Whew, they have exploded into a college campus almost on your tax dollars.

A school whose average teacher’s annual pay is $77,947 for around 188 days of service with several making well over $100,000 now wants even more.

A school where several of its employees live outside of the 27 districts that pay there salaries — If they were to build this new building they would then need to hire more teachers, more staff, more electric, more heat, and more operating money.

This is a new levy above and beyond what you are already giving them. When will it ever end? When is enough enough? Not to mention you still have to pay your local school’s levies on top of this. Please vote no on CTC levy.

Rusty Anderson

New Paris