Writer supporting election of Dan Foley for State Representative


As one who is involved in the agricultural field, as a farmland owner and as a lawyer who has many farm clients in Montgomery County and Preble County, I whole heartedly urge the election of Dan Foley as State Representative in Ohio’s 43rd District.

Mr. Foley is a seasoned elected official having served several terms as Montgomery County Commissioner and he knows the ins and outs of both local government and State affairs in Columbus, by being a member of the County Commissioner’s Association.

He is certainly the most qualified candidate in the race for the 43rd House District and he has pledged to bring back additional dollars from Columbus to local county and township political subdivisions in this area. He has led the fight against the opioid epidemic here in Ohio and is well aware of these problems since Montgomery County has been number one for overdoses in the nation.

Mr. Foley was a co-Chair of the Community Overdose Action Team and his work there resulted in a significant decrease in the number of opioid deaths.

From an agricultural standpoint, he has been listed as a “Friend” of the Farm Bureau and has noted that he would try to seek a seat on the House Ag Committee if elected. He is also committed to supporting the OSU Extension Service and knows the importance of local 4-H youth programs. I am very pleased to urge voters to support him in the upcoming election.

Theodore O. Finnarn