Fire chief supporting police levy


On Nov. 6, voters in the Village of Lewisburg will vote on a 2.25 mill police levy. This would be a mirror image of the village’s fire/ems levy that was passed several years ago.

As a life-long, proud resident of this village I have seen it change, grow, and improve. For a small village, the services provided are second to none. Regardless of the department — residents are served by dedicated individuals who are constantly reminded that customer service is the top priority. I would also like to mention the remarkable park system that encompasses the east end of our village. All of these components make Lewisburg a fine place to live!

As Fire/EMS Chief for the village, I interact with departments on a weekly, if not daily basis. Our department leaders work together to benefit our community. We do our very best to operate within our budgets. We realize we work for you, our citizens, thus we attempt to utilize your tax monies as wisely as possible.

As you vote on Nov. 6, please vote “yes” on the police levy. Being the Fire/EMS Chief I know how closely our department works with Police Chief McGee and the fine officers of the Police Department. Our departments work together closely as we are always ready and willing to assist each other in any way.

One of the important things to remember about this levy is that it will assist the local schools in establishing a School Resource Officer (SRO). Is anything more important than helping keep our students safe and secure?

In closing I hope I have shown that Lewisburg works together for the good of our citizens. We must have sufficient monies to fund the departments, which includes our police department to be able to serve our community effectively.

BJ Sewert, Chief Lewisburg Fire/EMS