Did Good Sam closing affect you?


The Clergy Community Coalition is seeking people who have been, and are being detrimentally impacted, really impacted in one way or another by the closure of Good Samaritan Hospital. If that person is you, or you know of someone, would you please fill out our testimonial sheet and consider adding your name to our list of interviews when the investigators come to town? We want to know who has been detrimentally impacted by the hospital closure? And how?

Maybe you lost a job; maybe your primary physician has moved and your access to adequate healthcare services is now challenged; maybe you are having great difficulty in getting your prescriptions filled; maybe the property value of your home has decreased. Maybe, quite possibly, your quality of healthcare has diminished to the point that it is causing you great concern in your physical body.

Please tell us your story of how the closing of Good Samaritan Hospital affected you. Email your responses to cccforgoodsam@gmail.com or call Rev. Carter at 937-275-6906.

Rev. Rockney Carter