Writer encourages ‘investing in the minds of young people’ of NT


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of the National Trail Local School District for their contributions, through tax dollars, to fund my educational experience. Though it was twenty years ago, and I may not have always been deserving, I am still thankful. Now that I live and work in the National Trail Local School District, I feel that it is my duty to afford the same opportunity to the current student body.

I have learned over the years, by listening to some of my older friends, the importance of investing: investing in mutual funds, savings accounts, IRAs, as well as investing in yourself through various forms of education. All of these are investments in our future. A high quality K-12 educational system right in our own backyard is also a very good investment — investing in the minds of young people in our area. Investing takes research, and I encourage you, as voters, to research our school system and student body, and I think you’ll be very pleased with what you find.

I challenge you, the voter, to research your investments — the minds of our young people — before you cast your vote on the renewal of our current tax levy, and I encourage you to support this important issue.

Mike Toschlog

NT Class of 2000 & Jefferson Township resident