Vote ‘yes’ for NT renewal levy


National Trail community members, please join me in voting yes for the National Trail Levy Renewal on Nov. 5!

Five years ago, I wrote a letter in support of the same renewal levy just as our fourth child was starting school at National Trail. It is difficult to believe by the next time this levy needs renewed two of the four kids will have graduated from National Trail. From all the first-hand accounts that I receive daily from the kids, National Trail is a great place to be a student! The school is clean and safe. The teachers are top notch, supportive of the students and have high expectations of themselves and the students. The administration is actively involved in all aspects and they are extremely accessible to the community. The school board is maintaining quality facilities with a conservative approach and with an eye toward the future.

The renewal levy will allow National Trail Local School District to maintain this high level of education for many years to come.

Please vote yes for the National Trail Renewal Levy on Nov. 5!

It’s Better to be a Blazer!

Lane E. Osswald