Writer: NT renewal not increasing taxes


Fellow parents and neighbors of the National Trail School District, please join me in supporting the 0.75 percent income tax renewal on Nov. 5. Please be aware, this is not increasing taxes! This renewal is merely a continuation of the current tax to maintain our school’s ability to provide the excellent educational opportunity it provides today.

What does this renewal mean to our district? The renewal helps cover the ever-increasing utilities, the growing and changing demands of technology and the resources it takes to give the students a first-class educational experience. This levy renewal will also provide the continued funding for transportation costs (purchasing buses and the fuel to run those buses,) classroom supplies/textbooks, employee costs and building and grounds upkeep/maintenance.

The current tax levy has been in place since 2005. This means the National Trail School District has continued to provide the same excellent programs for the students without impacting taxpayers for 14 years! School funding from the State of Ohio does not keep up with the current educational trends and the financial demands of running an educational establishment today. Overall federal funding has actually decreased over the past several years. And this is why community support and voting ‘yes’ is so important Nov. 5.

It’s better to be a Blazer!

Micah Davies

New Paris