Delucas urge: ‘Meet the need’


On Nov. 5, voters in the Eaton Community Schools will again have the opportunity to approve a 0.75 percent school district income tax for five years. This tax issue was first passed in 2005 and has been renewed twice since then.

Our yes votes will help pay for the day-to-day operations of the school district which in turn will enable our dedicated teachers and support staff to provide a quality education for our children. Because this income tax is already on the books, it will result in no new taxes.

The tax renewal will generate about $2 million annually for five years beginning in 2021. It is an important part of the school district’s budget and is used to pay for textbooks, supplies, utilities, maintenance, salaries and other necessities. Without it, both the quality of our children’s education and overall community will suffer.

To meet this need and with the best interests of our children and community at heart, we intend to vote yes on Issue 9 and hope you will, too.

Joe and Linda DeLuca