House urges ‘yes’ vote on NT income tax renewal


Fellow parents and community members of National Trail School District, please join me, Nov. 5, in support of the renewal of the National Trail income tax.

Voting yes will not be an increase in taxes. Voting yes will simply help maintain the current programs and support National Trail has in place for our children.

Both of my children attend Trail, and I have been nothing but impressed over the years. Not only are they receiving a great education, but they are also supported daily by a caring and dedicated staff. I was so impressed that I too became a Blazer, and began teaching at Trail five years ago. As both a parent and teacher in the Trail district, I can attest to the wonderful things that are happening in our school. Your support of the renewal levy is a way to help ensure this continues. You will not regret investing in our children and the future of our community. Please vote yes on No. 5, for National Trail.

Lyndsay House

Parent, Teacher, and Community Member