Swihart encourages ‘yes’ on NT levy


As a community member, property owner, National Trail graduate, parent, and grandparent of current National Trail students; I ask fellow members of the National Trail Local School District to vote for the current Income Tax Renewal on Nov. 5. Voting yes will not increase your taxes. Voting yes will keep the existing tax rates and help to maintain the quality education our students deserve and receive.

For fifty years, National Trail graduates have contributed not only locally but literally around the world. We have alumni working from Japan to Germany, from Poland to Brazil. In our classrooms, students get not only an academic education but pick up valuable life skills from teachers and peers. Students leave our classrooms with proficiencies necessary to lead successful lives no matter where they move.

National Trail works hard to insure students stay in school and offers assistance to those struggling. We have established liaisons with county agencies to provide more than classroom interactions with students. Students currently have several opportunities to gain college credits while attending National Trail.

The NT School Board, administration, and staff diligently provide the best possible educational experiences for our students’ future endeavors.

These opportunities do not come free. They require an investment from the local community. This income tax renewal will allow us to maintain National Trail as a positive place to learn and succeed. We can continue to fund the district by doing our part by voting for the renewal. Remember, education pays.

Lon L. Swihart