There are ‘issues more relevant’ than declaring Preble a 2A Sanctuary


How does a symbolic sanctuary designation benefit Preble County? Our right to bear arms is codified in the Second Amendment and subsequently clarified through various rulings over the past two hundred years and further traced back to English common law.

While England has severely restricted the rights of its citizens to own and carry weapons, the United States has not. So, while I agree with proponents who are concerned about overreaching governmental gun restrictions, I know that an overwhelming majority of elected officials will never support any legislation that eliminates gun rights. Personally, I believe that everyone has a right to feel protected. All parents have a right and a greater moral obligation to protect their children and defend their home. That includes the use of deadly force to protect against physical harm.

However, I still don’t understand why the county leadership needs to declare that Preble County is a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. I think there are more relevant issues to deal with.

How about a sanctuary for teachers, first-responders, or returning veterans? These public servants should be the highest priority on any public agenda. They don’t need symbolism, they need more support. For my vote, I want elected officials working on increased pay, better retirement benefits and to be more responsive to the needs of public servants. That is the best way to distinguish Preble County from the surrounding counties that compete with us for jobs. Great public services attract business and contribute to our tax base.

Forward thinking public leadership is a great asset. Needless pandering to outsiders is a waste of our limited tax dollars. Results count, symbolism doesn’t.

James Harlan