Writer: proposed 2A resolution ‘disrespectful’ to those lost to suicide


I was somewhat taken back when I read in The Register-Herald that the Preble County Board of Commissioners, which opens its meetings with a prayer to God, in Jesus’ name, was considering enacting a resolution naming us a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

Red-flag laws seem to be the catalyst that prompted the board’s consideration of the resolution.

This is interesting, to me, since red-flag laws align with the Golden Rule Jesus taught. These laws are a legal tool that allow law enforcement, under the constraints of due process, to remove a weapon from a person who has made credible threats to harm himself or others.

We intuitively know removing a gun is the right thing to do if a family member or friend makes threatening statements. On a personal level, we would find a way to remove the gun, because the concept is not significantly different than taking the keys from a drunk relative.

Of course, we never indefinitely keep the keys, and red-flag laws — or even the expansion of pink slip laws — do not permit the indefinite holding of a removed weapon.

In Ohio, suicides have been steadily rising for at least a decade. In 2018, the rate climbed fastest among 45-64 year olds and males are four times more likely, than females, to commit suicide. These numbers matter locally. Preble County’s ranks 33, out of 88 counties, for its suicide rate (2008-2017) and, in Preble County 62 percent of suicides involve a firearm.

So, although passing a symbolic 2A Sanctuary resolution may be seen, by some, as a win for “gun rights,” it’s not. We already support the Second Amendment so the resolution is unnecessary.

In reality, the proposed resolution ignores the Golden Rule and is disrespectful to those we’ve lost to suicide. The proposal hinders a much-needed conversation about gun-assisted suicide.

Charlie Claywell