Writer: do what is stated in the PCAA lease


The newspaper article [regarding the Preble County Art Association lease] was misinformed. The lease was not created on a napkin. This was a well-planned lease formed for the benefit of the PCAA thanks to the generosity of the Preble County Commissioners working together for the community’s interest and the need for a Fine Arts Center so the adults, children and future generations would benefit and learn the value of fine art and develop their talents.

The lease plainly stated to the total understanding of the PCAA members and the Preble County Commissioners that if this property was no longer used as set forth in the lease the lease is terminated and would be returned to Preble County.

Rosie McNees had also made plans for expansion but this was not considered at this time.

Since this happened 30 years ago the new members of the Preble County Commissioners and the PCAA members have possibly never read or known about the lease but it is still a valid and legal document.

Vickie Fanberg, Director of the PCAA, has always been nice to me and I do not know if she was aware of this lease at the time this all took place. This is a legal document and signed by both PCAA officials and the Preble County Commissioners and filed with the State of Ohio. PCAA and the commissioners were very careful about doing everything the right and legal way, which was to the benefit of both parties.

I and other past members believe it is only the right thing to do — to do as it was stated in the lease.

Thank you for allowing me to say what I and other original members believe is the right thing to do.

Nancy Allen Petty