Wick supporting Vonderhaar for commission


I want to share with the citizens of Preble County what leadership looks like.

In January of this year candidate Rachael Vonderhaar met me at the trailer park located in Glenwood. I wanted Rachael Vonderhaar to see with her own eyes the sewage flowing across the ground and smell the stench in the area.

Within a week, Rachael Vonderhaar was in Columbus meeting with our state senator discussing the sewage problems at the trailer park. I did not ask her to take this upon herself, she took the initiative on her own.

That’s what leadership looks like, voters. A leader sees the problem and begins to find a solution. I’ve been fighting with the Preble County Commissioners for three years for them to do something to stop the sewage polluting our streams from the trailer court, and they’ve done nothing, in my opinion.

Preble County needs leadership with a vision of the future and the challenges that we will be facing.

Preble County needs someone to recognize the problems in our county, and then has the courage and the drive to find the solution. And, when our unelected bureaucrats in the county refuses to do their jobs, we need a leader that will make them accountable. Rachael Vonderhaar is that leader.

When you vote, please join me in voting for Rachael Vonderhaar for county commissioner, a leader with vision and will lead from the front.

Jerry L. Wick

West Alexandria