Wick discusses SD6 votes


With the results of the recent commissioners election, I believe the current commissioners will be speeding up the process to ram Sewer District 6 down the throats of 241 homeowners.

Commissioner Robertson is on the record that she is not going to sign a blank sheet of paper that says the commissioners will build the sewer district no matter the cost.

Be aware citizens of Preble County. The costs of this sewer district will be divided up between 241 homeowners.

Congratulations to Commissioner Creech on his victory in the primary election to run for State Representative for the 43rd District. This victory puts Commissioner Creech in a position where the citizens of Preble County will witness what he thinks of the voters of this county. If Commissioner Creech votes and signs this paperwork to take private property and money from my estimate of 350 voters, there’s no way he will carry Preble County in the general election.

If Commissioner Creech can’t carry Preble County, he cannot win the 43rd District.

As a side note, all the voters should have an interest on how Commissioner Creech votes. If he’ll vote to take our money, I think he’ll vote to take your money.

If Commissioner Creech votes to build this sewer district and loses the 43rd District seat, he’ll return as a commissioner to fill out his term. Then in 2022, I believe he’ll ask the same voters that had their property taken by the current commissioners and tens of thousands of dollars attached to their taxes, to vote for him in his re-election. I can’t wait for the slogans for that campaign.

Will the citizens witness Commissioner Creech do the right thing for Preble County and vote along side Denise Robertson to stop this madness and start the fight against the Preble County Health Department, the Preble County Prosecutor, and the Ohio EPA?

Commissioner Robertson has said “no” to this sewer district. We the people need one more commissioner to show some leadership and join with Denise Robertson to get in the fight.

Jerry L. Wick

West Alexandria