Writer alleges constitutional violations in SD6 actions


The current orders and findings facing the Preble County Commissioners is a direct result from the commissioners refusing to reply to 2015 orders and findings from the Ohio EPA. The 2020 version of orders and findings was negotiated by the Preble County Prosecutor’s office, the Ohio AG’s office, and the Preble County Commissioners in executive session, AKA, in secret.

Sewer District 6 was never about fixing sewage problems in Glenwood. This is about money, power, and control. People at the state and county levels stand to make a lot of money. Why else would the commissioners, the prosecutor’s office, and the health department refuse to do anything to stop thousands of gallons of sewage to flow in county ditches and streams?

A January 2020 email shows Erik Balster contacting Ron Ware at the Ohio EPA to get clarification on jurisdiction on the sewage in the county ditches. Documents show the health department knew in 2009 the sewage was coming from the trailer park. Also in the January 2020 email, Erik Balster admitted the sewage is coming from the trailer park. Seriously, the man has known for 10 years and he’s wanting clarification on jurisdiction?

If sewage was flowing onto or through elected officials property or some county bureaucrat’s yard, this would have been fixed years ago.

If Sewer District 6 becomes reality, at least 261 homeowners are going to bear the costs of the sewer system. When it’s completed, the county will take ownership. Pretty good deal for the county.

Finally, I asked the commissioners at two separate commissioners’ meetings for a motion to hold a public meeting so the citizens of Preble County could ask questions and make comments. I couldn’t get a motion. The commissioners, prosecutors, and the Ohio AG negotiated a deal in secret and then refused public discussion. Obviously, the U.S. Constitution isn’t valid in Preble County, in my opinion: the commissioners are taking our property — a violation of the 4th Amendment, denying our due process — a violation of the 5th Amendment, and refusing a public meeting — a violation of the 1st Amendment. And sadly, the prosecutor’s office is silent as their legal counsel.

After the commissioners come for us, they’ll come after you.

Jerry L.Wick

West Alexandria