Writer supporting White for commission


I’m supporting Eric White for Commissioner for a few specific reasons: he has experience dealing with Preble County’s second largest community, Lakengren (as Gasper Township’s trustee.) Eric has supported the farm community after the county made major cuts to Soil and Water. Gasper Township donated nearly $1,500 to Soil and Water, because Soil and Water benefits all residents in the township, including the lake at Lakengren.

Eric wants to work toward a new CAUV formula without a 3-year delay, due to the large effects China has on our grain prices, as well as our currency and other markets. You pay taxes on a record crop for three years while the price of beans nearly drops in half.

Eric has been a working trustee and a resilient administrator. Gasper has worked with Dixon Township by lowering their fire contract and turning their EMS from the debit column to the asset column. I cannot wait to see the positive changes he will bring to Preble County as our commissioner. Let’s put him to work by voting him in!

Howard White