‘Choose wisely March 15’


On March 15, the residents get to vote for two commissioners. It’s time to cut the family tree ties in the courthouse in Eaton, Ohio. One must wonder how many family members do we need drawing a check from the residents of Preble County.

When making your vote choose someone that can make their own decision without being talked into a wrong decision. There are three commissioners for a reason. It’s called checks and balances. We need leaders, not followers. Someone that can and will stop unneeded levies from being put on the ballot that will unnecessarily put tax burdens on the residents. Also let’s not forget the candidates that supported the wasteful spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Goose Creek project.

Also, last but not least, the last thing the residents need is a double-dipper. Drawing one monthly check from the hard-working taxpayers is enough.

That’s why it really narrows down to three choices: Denise Robertson, Tony Pope, and Eric White. Hard workers, honest, proven decision makers. Choose wisely March 15.

Rusty Anderson

New Paris