Writer encouraging votes for Beagle


I support Bill Beagle to replace John Boehner in Congress and urge everyone to vote for him in the Republican primary on March 15.

I’ve known Bill a long time. He lives in my neighborhood, our daughters went to school together, and I served with him on Tipp City Council and the Library Board. He is a business conservative. He respects those with whom he disagrees. He’s a gentleman.

I have seen Bill field questions from unhappy people in a reassuring way that made them feel respected. I have seen Bill keep tight control over budgets. I have seen Bill spend countless hours working on compromises to bring competing factions together. We have too little of these caring qualities in many of our political leaders, lots of whom seem all too willing to be mean and divisive just to get elected. Bill isn’t that way.

He works hard to get things done and to make everyone feel their voice counts. These leadership qualities have made him a positive contributor in Tipp City and in the Ohio Senate. He could be a breath of fresh air in Washington.

Bill is the only candidate whose district significantly overlaps Boehner’s vacant seat. Bill also had over $1 Million spent in ads for his 2014 Senate re-election that promoted his name recognition. He is a formidable candidate with very good odds of success.

Bill is a winner. Voting for him on March 15 will make all of us winners by having an effective Congressman we can be proud of. Let’s elect a gentleman who gets things done. Please join me for voting for Bill on March 15.

George H. Lovett

Tipp City