Writer shares Levaquin info


I found out about Levaquin from an article email I received from Health Sciences Institute and I thought others would be interested in this information:

“It may be the most dangerous antibiotic in the world. And for years our government hasn’t lifted a finger to protect us from it. Over the years, Levaquin has been linked to aneurysms, Alzheimer’s, crippling pain and more. Now a federal lawsuit is claiming that there was a major conspiracy to make sure millions of people never knew about Levaquin’s risks. And this one goes right to the top of the FDA.

“During the six years that Margaret Hamburg ran the FDA — from 2009-2015 — people begged and pleaded with her to do something about Levaquin. A consumer group filed two petitions asking the FDA to notify the public that Levaquin (and the entire class of antibiotics it belongs to) could cause ALS and even Alzheimer’s.

“And people who suffered muscle and tendon damage from Levaquin even staged a march to Washington carrying signs that read ‘Levaquin cripples and kills.’”

Hamburg’s husband, Peter Brown, is an executive at an investment company called Renaissance Technologies. And, according to the lawsuit, it owned about $500 million in Johnson & Johnson (makers of Levaquin) stock. So, according to the lawsuit, Hamburg became the head of a conspiracy to hide the fact that “Levaquin was inherently dangerous and in fact, deadly.”

Hamburg, Brown, and Johnson & Johnson are being sued under the federal RICO act — the law that was created to go after organized crime.

Two more characters enter the tragedy — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. According to the lawsuit, Hamburg has been helping to fill Clinton’s campaign coffers for years — Clinton pressured Obama to put Hamburg in charge of the FDA.

Even now, Brown’s company Renaissance is still one of the top contributors to Hillary’s presidential campaign.

Let’s hope this lawsuit finally exposes the truth about Levaquin and why our government has failed to keep us safe from it.

In the meantime, you have the right to ask for an antibiotic not related to Levaquin — you owe it to yourself and your loved ones!

Carolyn Lowman