Writer addresses New Paris drivers


Hello to those driving through New Paris.

In case you have not noticed there are all-way stop signs at the intersection of West Main Street and Water Street.

I know that many of you take this direction through New Paris that includes this intersection, and I know that many of you do so because you just do not want to have to stop at the traffic light at Washington Street and Cherry St.! I know, it is a real drag to have to stop for a matter of seconds in your busy, important life!

Just for your information, there are several young children who live in the homes at Main and Water. Some of them are very young, and simply do not understand the importance of not riding their bikes or playing in the street, or even just crossing the street to get to the other side!

I watch driver after driver totally ignore those stop signs. Some, in fact, come around the corner without not even braking in a ‘rolling stop!’ The local police are aware of this problem, and do park at the intersection from time to time, and of course when they are there everyone stops! As soon as the officer moves away the drivers once again just blow through the stop signs.

I am really scared that one day I will be looking out my window and will see some child hit, and if not killed, injured badly. Let me inform you that I will one — try to get your tag number, two — get you on video, three — report you and if you hit one of those kids I will be happy to, four — testify for the prosecution at your trial!

Folks, nothing in your life makes you so important that you are not supposed to obey traffic laws! Nothing. Stop for the stop signs.

I am watching you! Smile, you may be on camera!

Dee Lightner

New Paris