Dispatch merger levy will not be on ballot


Recently, there have been letters and newspaper articles outlining the ongoing discussions at the commissioners’ meetings regarding a possible merger of the Preble County and City of Eaton 911 dispatch centers (public safety answering points or PSAP.) This merger would serve to provide two full-time dispatchers, in one location to answer 911 emergency calls, which I believe would improve public safety here in the county. Several options to fund the merger have been discussed, but I am pleased to say that on Wednesday, July 22, the commissioners opted not to pursue a tax levy which would have, if passed, raised property taxes substantially. Several reasons for this decision were given in this meeting and in previous discussions on the matter.

A committee was formed to make recommendations about how to finance the merger and their numbers provided the data needed to make a wise decision. I believe shared service agreement to pay for one dispatch center has the potential to be a cost-cutting move, but a tax levy would take more money out of the pockets of Preble County citizens. I look forward to further discussions about the merger, which will provide better coverage for all 911 calls.

Denise Robertson

Preble County Commissioner