Potter: ‘Trump really scares me’


A megalomaniac demagogue saw, and took advantage of, a deplorable governmental atmosphere, in the early 1930s, in a Germany fraught with economic decline, political indecisions, lack of governmental accomplishments and general unrest. He became Chancellor and seized governmental control and its related power. He surrounded himself with thugs and other social misfits, who created and took advantage of the country’s fears. He appointed a propaganda minister, whose philosophy was that “If you tell enough people big enough lies often enough, they will begin to believe them” — and it all worked.

His success encouraged him to seize even more power and he appointed himself Dictator — with absolute power, which led to and resulted in world devastation and the death of 60-plus million people.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” — Lord Esterich Dalberg Acton.

The United States is now faced with another possible megalomaniac demagogue, whose entire life has been devoted to acquiring great wealth and its related power, through questionable business practices. Now I believe he’s using that wealth and power to acquire even greater power as President of the U.S. He is also using the same tactics, actions and philosophy of intimidation, fearmongering and outright lies of his infamous predecessor, I think. This has been factually verified before, during and after the two debates.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana.

Trump really scares me.

Ray Potter