Ratliff encourages ‘yes’ on Issue 25


It is with great pride that I write this letter endorsing the Preble County Senior Services Levy.

I am going on my 6th year with the Preble County Council on Aging and I continue to be proud and honored of the services we provide to seniors in Preble County.

The senior services levy enhances the lives of older adults by helping them remain independent at home. The services are vital to seniors and their families in our county. We know that through preventive efforts we can help avoid or delay the need for expensive forms of assistance to seniors. Therefore, through the senior services levy, the Preble County Council on Aging provides supplemental services such as transportation, homemaking, socialization, recreation, volunteer opportunities, congregate meals and home delivered meals (meals on wheels) to enable seniors to remain active, productive and independent.

This levy will ensure that needed services are provided to seniors who need them. Please join me in voting “yes” for Issue 25 on Nov. 8.

Shelley Ratliff, Executive Director

Preble County Council on Aging