Writer: free tax rollback for Preble Shawnee


Preble Shawnee School District, vote no on the schools. We just recently paid off a bond issue. Two tax issues have expired. We will see the reduced tax amount in the next tax season. Vote “no” on both new school tax issues.

Thirty-seven-year tax: Slavery that lasts longer than a generation. Look at the delinquent tax page in last week’s newspaper, it shows some families that are struggling to keep their homes.

Twenty-three-year tax: An additional tax burden on all of us. America is heavily burdened with taxes. Give yourself a break. Give your family a break. Give your friends and neighbors a break.

More of your money in your pocket — it begins by voting “no” on new school buildings. Your taxes will go down. Shrug off the scare tactics of the tax and spenders.

Our Preble Shawnee school buildings are serving us well. West Elkton Elementary was recently upgraded and paid off again. Don’t vote to tear it down or put it in mothballs.

Two taxes, one 37-year duration, and one 23-year duration, two heavy burdens to carry to the grave.

Vote no, Preble Shawnee.

David Akers