Writer supporting Renner for Preble Commissioner


Remember Goose Creek Crossing? That financial fiasco a few years ago when Preble County Commissioners spent over 600,000 taxpayer dollars chasing a rainbow that never had a pot of gold to begin with? And they did it when severe budget cuts were being made in all county departments.

Two of those commissioners are no longer in office, mainly because of Goose Creek, I think, and on Nov. 8, we have the opportunity to put the last vestige of that ill-conceived project behind us by electing Joe Renner commissioner.

I have known Joe since he was an 18-year-old student in my American Government class and I can attest to his honesty and desire to always do his best.

Born and raised in Preble County, he has served our community as a deputy sheriff for 35 years, rising to the rank of major. During that time he also served on the Eaton Community School Board of Education eight years and is now in his 11th year on Eaton City Council.

As a result of his public service, Joe has become familiar with all aspects of county government and has the background, experience and ability to make fair and equitable decisions.

Two other attributes further qualify him to be a commissioner: first, he believes in, and practices, the common sense approach to problem solving, a trait quite often lacking in public officials; second, he is a financial conservative with taxpayer dollars.

Joe is listed on the ballot as an independent but, as his 35 years of public service shows, his thinking and actions are collective in that he believes in serving all Preble Countians equally.

I respectfully ask you to vote for Joe Renner for Preble County Commissioner.

Dallas Montgomery