Shawnee voter: ‘students and future generations of students need our support’


The upcoming election is an important one for the residents of Preble Shawnee Local School. We have the chance to vote on a building levy that will cost us no more than what we paid in 2015 but will provide the funds to build state of the art buildings in our district.

The buildings in this district are in serious need of costly repairs. Repairs that we the tax payer will have to make if we don’t take the opportunity the State of Ohio has offered with the building funds. This is our tax dollars coming back to us. Don’t pass up this opportunity and let our tax dollars go to another district. Good schools with good buildings increases the value of our homes in the district. It reinforces the value of education in our district.

As a resident of Preble Shawnee and a past board member I am very familiar with the conditions of our buildings in this district. The last building levy provided a “band aid” to the buildings and was what the district residents at the time would support. We can do better by our students now with this opportunity. It is time to come together as a community and give our students what they deserve.

I urge the residents of Preble Shawnee to vote yes on the upcoming levy.

Our students and future generations of students need our support. Please consider voting yes, I already did with my vote by mail.

Salli Corrington