PCCOA Board says ‘yes’ to Issue 25


As the Board of Directors for the Preble County Council on Aging (PCCOA), we would like to express our gratitude for all the services that the PCCOA provides to our community of seniors.

In 2015, Meals on Wheels served over 26,500 meals to seniors in Preble County. Over 5,000 seniors participated in our activities. Decade’s Diner served close to 7,000 meals, averaging nearly 580 meals per month. Our transportation department drove over 270,000 miles to regional medical based destinations.

As you can see, PCCOA services are vital to supporting the health and well-being of Preble County seniors. The services that we provide help seniors maintain their independence, dignity and activity during their later years in life. When you go to the polls on Nov. 8, please join us in voting “yes” for Issue 25.

Thank you!

PCCOA Board of Directors:

Mary Bullen

Mike Simpson

Becky Sorrell

Jim Thomas

Pam Baker

Judy Thomas

December Harper

Steve Bruns

Pam Barr

Rodney Creech

Ray Potter

Paul Brubaker