Atkins supporting Renner for commission


I am writing to support Joseph Renner for Preble County Commissioner.

I’ve known Joe for more than 25 years. He was a colleague and a mentor when I began my career in public service working at the Sheriff’s Office in the early 1990s. Since that time, we have been friends and I have always admired his desire to be in public service.

It seems that Joe has always been civic oriented – serving as an Eaton City Councilman, as well as serving as a board member of the Eaton City Schools. This is in addition to the many other committees and groups that he has been involved with throughout our community.

Probably more than his public service, however, I admire Joe for his absolute honesty. As we all know, elected officials sometimes (or a lot of the time) quickly put honesty in the back seat to satisfy constituents or further their own needs – but not with Joe. I’ve never known Joe to sacrifice his principles for convenience. In today’s world of politics, that is a rarity for sure. His political decisions have always been thoughtful and based upon his view that government plays a limited role (albeit a necessary one) in our lives.

I consider Joe a traditional, fiscal conservative who has the experience and commitment to be an excellent County Commissioner for Preble County. That is why I will be voting for him on Nov. 8.

Chris Atkins