Cottingim urges ‘yes’ on PS issue


I know the Preble Shawnee community is a great one. I know the school system is a great one. I know that community members want what is best for our youth. I know all of these things to be true, but many students don’t.

I was in the minority of students at Preble Shawnee that felt pride at being an Arrow. It was common walking down the halls to have fellow students express their frustrations at the condition of our school. While in high school, I experienced pink goo raining from the ceiling, classes being canceled due to water main breaks, having to wear a coat to stay warm, and school being canceled due to excessive heat.

Elementary students experienced similar issues including many school evacuations due to gas leaks.

All of these things played a role in why my classmates had a difficult time finding pride in their school and often in themselves. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not with the building funds being offered by the state.

At a recent event for scholars at The Ohio State University, I had the pleasure of hearing Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfieifer speak. He remarked that rural areas made up for what they lacked in school funding with overwhelming pride in their schools. He continued to say that the advantage of a small rural school was that each member of the community did what they could to support their school because they were proud of it.

Through FFA, I have seen this first-hand as I have visited many rural high schools with amazing facilities, overwhelming community support, and incredible student pride. In a couple weeks, we have the opportunity to vote on a levy to provide two new schools. This levy would not be an increase in taxes, but rather a continuation of the 2015 rates. It is time for Preble Shawnee residents to unite in support of our school. Prove that we are a great community. Please vote yes on Issue 19.

Proud Arrow

Johnathon Cottingim